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TVSW offers a wide array of natural & engineered stone slabs for countertops, along with the perfect sinks!


We offer an ‘ All-in-One’, ‘One-Price-Fits All’ approach to your home remodel. Everything is handled by us, making it a seamless process for you & your family!


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Gorgeous “Grey Goose” Granite

WOW, we love our granite countertops! They look absolutely beautiful! The installers did an awesome job, the fabrication was out of this world. The edges are so smooth and clean. The seam match, is unbelievable. You can’t see the seam, and it looks like the granite flows through the seam. I’ve stumped people when asking them where the seam is; they give up! They can’t find it!The purchasing was easy and simple with up front pricing. I came by a few times with questions, and they were answered with helpful, friendly, and knowledge answers. The install was done when it was said it would be done. It was a smooth transition from granite slab, to countertops.
Great experience! thank you! ~Stacy and Wess Douglas


2350 S Vista Ave
Boise ID 83705